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 ‘1 IN 2,000 of the UK population now carry or incubate the human form of mad cow disease’ Health Protection Agency 2012

There is growing evidence that many cases of dementia are in fact mis- diagnosed CJD. Millions of us globally have been exposed to BSE infected material. Millions now developing dementia would have been exposed to the same lethal pathogen as my son Andrew.

House of Commons official account, Hansard, 24th July 2014, Select Committee Inquiry into vCJD and blood safety and the ongoing health risks to public. One of the Select Committee’s  many recommendations to UK Government was:

Calls for government to back research into atypical dementia amid concerns that CJD is being misdiagnosed particularly in the elderly’ (conclusions para 21) House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.


On 16th December my son Andrew Black was killed aged just 24 years old by Human BSE the human form of mad cow disease.

Andrew and the family had not eaten beef or beef products since 1988.

Andy worked in the media producing/researching programmes for talkSPORT Radio, BBC, and ITV. During his terrible last days and at his request I made it my mission to find out “Who killed my son?” and with  BBC1, I have produced a documentary exposing the key players at the centre of the BSE crisis whose actions and decisions led to his untimely and avoidable death. During the last decade I have made, presented and contributed to many news features, broadcasts and magazines, talking about Andrews avoidable death and the biggest political and health scandal of modern times. What I have uncovered about the food and pharmaceutical industries, the food we and our families eat, the politicians we vote for and the scientists in which we place our trust has shocked me to the core.

As Andy’s mum and a freelance journalist I continue to research the scandal – and its links between school meals, (state and independent), baby food, vaccines and medicines. Our food supply is not safe and our blood supply is not safeguarded against vCJD. Anyone who has lived,worked, traveled to  the UK for 6mths from 1980-December 1996 cannot donate blood outside of the UK as we are all deemed ‘ at risk’ of developing human mad cow disease.  There is upwards 50 years incubation period in humans regarding developing human BSE. This means there is a continued ticking-health time-bomb for the UK and global population as infected BSE cattle and food/medicinal  material was and is exported world-wide. Cattle continue to die of BSE here in the UK and globally. Many more animals enter the human food chain not showing symptoms but infectious with the lethal disease.

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This conspiracy of silence at the highest levels, distortion of facts for political and economic reasons, manipulation and lies, have so far caused the deaths or disablement of thousands of  innocent victims. Millions more of us across the UK and globe have been exposed to BSE the same lethal pathogen that killed my only son.
The cover up continues…………………